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 FREE Online Tutoring
The Defense Department now offers a FREE online tutoring service called for active-duty service members and their families. National Guard and reserve personnel on active duty in a deployed status and Defense Department civilians in a deployed status and their dependents are also eligible to participate. This 24/7 service offers professional tutors who can assist with homework, studying, test preparation, resume writing and more.

Call the Harriet B. Smith Library on Camp Lejeune (910-451-5724) and ask for the Marine password.

 Student Online Achievement Resources (SOAR)
This FREE website provides students and parents with resources to identify academic strengths/weaknesses in math and reading; instruction for students in math, reading and language arts through interactive tutorials; and involves parents by providing educational resources written specifically for parents.
Developed by the Department of Defense’s Joint Advertising Market Research and Studies (JAMRS) program, this website was designed to help America’s youth explore opportunities for their future to include information about career, education and military options available for young people ages 16 to 24.

 FREE SAT/ACT Prep Materials
Any family/student with a connection to the military can receive SAT/ACT prep materials valued at $199.95 for the cost of shipping and handling. For more details, visit

Scholarships & Financial Assistance
Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Financial Assistance for Military Spouses 

For additional information and eligibility requirements visit: 

“Need a Lift” Scholarship Information booklet (printable version) put out by the American Legion 

Scholarship & Financial Aid Explorer (for military service members and their families) 

Additional Funding Opportunities

Click here

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 Tillman Military Scholar Scholarship
Open to all branches of the US Armed Forces veteran and active service members of both pre- and post-9/11 service and their dependents (spouses and children aged 19-28). For additional eligibility dates and criteria information, please visit
 National Military Family Association’s Military Spouse Scholarship
Visit for additional information and dates of availability.
 New England College of Business Military Spouse Scholarships
The New England College of Business has announced that once again, they will continue offering a drastic reduction in tuition on Associate's Degrees in Business Administration for all spouses of active duty service members including the US Coast Guard. This $13,500 discount will bring the entire tuition cost of the Associate's Degree to $4,000. Spouses wishing to apply for their degree through this program can call 800-997-1673 for additional information. Students must register and be enrolled by September 6, 2011 and are required to finish their program in 36 months.
 Saban Military Wife Educational Scholarship
This scholarship is offered to wives of uniformed service members to attend vocational training programs in the medical field. For scholarship deadlines and additional information, visit
 Campbell University Military Spouse Appreciation Scholarship Program
Call 910-451-3097 for information.
 SNCO Wives Club and Thrift Store Scholarship (for family members)
Available from mid-January through April 15 of every year. Call 910-451-5591 or visit for additional information.
 Military Spouse Scholarship
The ThanksUSA Scholarship Program is for military spouses. Only online applications with all supporting documents will be accepted and evaluated. Visit the ThanksUSA Scholarship Program webpage for application criteria and scholarship information.
 Scholarships for Military Children
Visit for additional information and dates of availability.

Visit for additional information and dates of availability.

Visit for additional information and dates of availability for the Adrian & Corena Swanier Education Scholarship.

 Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (for military children)
Visit for additional information and dates of availability.