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Marines demonstrate helo raid in NYC.

27 May 2007 | Lance Cpl. Angel J. Velasquez 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit

Marines with 4th Force Reconaissance Company rapelled from CH-46E Sea Knight Helicopters during multiple helicopter-raid simulations at various New York City locations during Fleet Week 2007.

The May 24-26 demonstrations, which were perfomed in all five city boroughs, included a simulated AH-1W Super Cobra helicopter strike and the mock insertion of troops in a combat environment.

"The helicopters were really cool," said Joseph Callaway, 12. "I liked the way the Marines came down the rope from the helicopters."

"Everything was very entertaining," said Janet Garcia, a Bronx native. "I wish I would have known about this before, so I could have seen it more than once."

After the raid simulation, all the Cobra and Sea Knight pilots landed to allow the spectators to get a closer look. Locals swarmed the aircraft, taking pictures, touring the interior, and conversing with the pilots.

"I liked talking to the pilots and finding out more about the helicopters," said Garcia, who witnessed the event for her first time. "I'll definitely pay more attention to the news to make sure I make it to the next show in 2008."

After the aircraft landed, the Marines laid out a display of the Corps’ weaponry. New Yorkers were able to get their hands on rifles and pistols to get a better understanding of what the Marines depend on when in combat.

As each event closed, spectators were given a final chance to see the aircraft in flight as they extracted the Marines.