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13 Jun 2000 | Cpl. Luke D. Bowman 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit

EDITOR'S NOTE: From time to time, the 24th MEU (SOC) Public Affairs staff challenges the abilities of some of the MEU personnel.  A Marine that stood up to the challenge provides the following article.  Cpl. Luke D. Bowman, from the MEU Service Support Group - 24, of Oakland, Calif., provides this article as a courtesy.

Warm weather, beaches, and good food were a few of the things that the Marines and Sailors of the USS Trenton enjoyed while on liberty in Mykonos, Greece.

Mykonos is a small carefree, resort island that draws tourists from all over Europe. The streets are lined with small storefront shops and restaurants, and much like the rest of Europe, the main source of transportation seems to be motor scooters that can easily be driven down the narrow roads and alleys.

The USS Trenton was fortunate enough to pull into port during the tourist season. Surprisingly, most of the locals spoke very fluent English and were extremely friendly.  Mykonos is one of the few ports where Marines didn't run in to a huge language barrier, which made negotiating with vendors and striking up a conversion at one of the cafes over a gyro a lot easier.  Like any tourist spot tee-shirts and postcards were the most common goods sold, but with a little luck and price bargaining you could also find some really nice leather products and jewelry. 

Several Marines and Sailors soaked up a little sun at Paradise Beach - a  Mykonos hot spot. Paradise is about 20 minutes by taxi away from the town. Paradise Beach offered a diverse array of activities to include scuba diving, shopping, dining, walking down the beach and enjoying the beautiful scenery, or just lying back without a care in the world in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Mykonos nightlife also left little to be desired.  It seemed like there was a hidden little club around every corner with people from all over dancing and having a good time. Like most places in Europe, American music dominates the Mykonos club scene. The music ranged from Brittany Spears to Tupac. Mykonos is probably one of the best-kept secrets of Europe.

Whether visiting as a tourist, or a servicemember on liberty, you'll find something to keep you entertained in Mykonos, even if  it's taking walk along the beach, going to the club, or eating a quiet meal in one of the many beach front cafés while gazing at the sunset.

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