E Co. conducts live-fire reaction drills on Tortuga: Photo Essay

16 Dec 2002 | Staff Sgt. Bryan P. Reed

Marines of Weapons Platoon, "Easy" Company, Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Bn., 2nd Marines, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) participated in a live-fire reaction drill aboard the USS Tortuga (LSD-46) this month. The drill helped ensure the readiness and capability of the Marines to react to a waterborne threat to the ship. The Marines of Weapons Platoon deployed an M-240G machine gun against targets floating in the ocean, moving frequently to different positions to reacquire their target.*Editors note: The designation "Easy" Company is used informally by the Marines of Echo Company, 2nd Bn., 2nd Marines to honor those Marines who served in the Battle of Tarawa.