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1/2 prepares vehicles for journey to Iraq

11 Jul 2004 | Lance Cpl. Sarah A. Beavers 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit

With the blazing sun overhead and temperatures in the triple digits, Marines with the 24 Marine Expeditionary Unit are working through the searing heat to ensure that equipment and vehicles are ready to cross the line of departure into Iraq. For the Marines of 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, the Ground Combat Element of the 24th MEU, the scorching temperatures act merely as an inconvenience as they addressed maintenance issues on their vehicles and began preparing them for the journey north. "We're preparing our vehicles for movement [into Iraq]," said 1st Lt. Shayne Yenzor, 28, a Columbia, Mo., native and motor transportation officer with Headquarters and Service Company, 1/2. "We want to mitigate maintenance issues now to reduce the hazards of driving in the convoys." With that in mind, the Marines are performing maintenance checks on every vehicle in the motor pool, even the most combat ready vehicle must be examined to specifications that reduce the likelihood of it breaking down. "The vehicles in the motor pool will undergo a limited technical inspection (LTI)," said Yenzor. "This will ensure that the tires have the appropriate amount of air pressure, fluid and oil has been checked and the steering and joints are lubricated properly." Even though these Marines are putting up with almost intolerable conditions, the hard work of the motor transport Marines will ensure the vehicles from 1/2 will be ready for the journey ahead.