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30 Jan 2001 | 24th MEU Public Affairs Office 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit

Marines of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit's (24th MEU) MEU Service Support Group 24 (MSSG24) have recently implemented a new form of barrier which will eventually replace sandbags.

Hesco Bastion Concertainer Revetment System, or Concertainer, is an expedient protective system made of geocomposite construction material that, when expanded from its shipping configuration, forms a wall section of linked, self-supporting cells.  These cells can be filled with earth or rubble to provide ballistic and blast protection from a variety of direct- and indirect-fire munitions.

According to GySgt. Garlen Powell, 2nd Combat Engineer, Concertainer will be a welcome change to deployed units because it requires less logistical recourses for shipment and storage, saves time, money, energy in manpower, and also has superior blast protection qualities.

The following photos, by LCpl. Jeffrey Sisto,  depict some training MSSG 24 Marines conducted Jan. 26.

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