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24th Marine Expeditionary Unit

II Marine Expeditionary Force

Camp Lejeune, NC
24th MEU Public Affairs Office

Thank you for your interest in the 24th MEU.
If you are interested in covering the 24th MEU, please contact the 24th MEU Public Affairs Officer

Capt. Sharon Hyland
Comm: (910) 467-3324

Legal Information
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Legal Assistance refers to personal legal services provided to Marines, Sailors, and their families by military attorneys. These services may include advice, document preparation, research and limited representation in various disputes. (MORE)

A Power of attorney is a written instrument whereby one person, as the principal, appoints another to act as his or her agent , giving them the authority to perform certain acts on their behalf.


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A WILL is a document in which you specify what is to be done with your property when you die. (MORE)

The Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) is the legal advisor and counsel to the Commanding General or Officer. (MORE)